Monday, August 27, 2012

Contemporary Ceramics - 1980s

I try not to buy more Crown Lynn but then along comes a must-have and there we go again. I can always argue that it might be needed for the new book, but in reality it's just because I want it.  But who could resist this gorgeous Elvenhood coffee pot. I paid $26 for it. It's slightly crazed but who isn't?
This coffee pot is from the 1980s Contemporary Ceramics range, which doesn't carry a Crown Lynn mark. Sales were declining and the marketers believed that Crown Lynn was seen by the NZ public as fusty and outdated so they came up with a 'fresh new' brand. For better or worse - the factory closed a few years later anyway. I read somewhere that the design is based on the native NZ bush orchid, which does seem likely when you look at it close-up.
Another Contemporary Ceramics design is our Magnolia Moon dinner set, bought (complete and hardly used) a few years ago for $30 at the Browns Bay market. I love its serene pink and grey which was designed in-house by Juliet Hawkins.
This is the base - all the Contemporary Ceramics ware has similar backstamps.
We eat off our Magnolia Moon every day. It doesn't go in the dishwasher because we don't have one, and it's still in near perfect condition. Apart from a bread and butter plate that hit the floor a while ago!
Happy collecting

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