Monday, August 13, 2012

Kiwiana mugs - bliss!

As I was sorting through my collection the other day I came across two lovely Kiwiana mugs. I can't really advise on price, but both of these are quite hard to come by, especially in good condition.

The mug below is one of a series that featured kiwi athletes - there is also a kiwi rugby player which is understandably not easy to find. From memory, there is also a tennis player and a golfer. The series is signed 'Evans' - but sadly I have no idea who 'Evans' was.  Maybe someone can help me here.

My second treasure is this lovely pukeko mug. Probably made in the 80s, later than the kiwi series, but again this is just a semi-educated guess.  The pukeko also appears on desert bowls and the like. The image is applied on top of the glaze so it's easily damaged - you can see small scratches in the pukeko's gorgeous blue.

Again, neither of these items have a 'Crown Lynn' mark. Both have 'Made in New Zealand' on the base. This is a fairly clear signal that they were made by CL, though not infallible. Other manufacturers also used 'Made in New Zealand' in subtly different typefaces.
This is the base of the pukeko mug. The other is very similar so I won't bore you with it.
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  2. Hi thanks for this query. I believe there might be collectors who are interested in your bowls, especially if they are in good condition, ie no scratches or marks on the pattern, or chips on the plates themselve. In my experience, the safest thing to do is to take them to a reputable dealer for appraisal or put them on TradeMe with a reserve that you believe is achievable and see what happens. Good luck!
    Kind regards