Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Swan Lake

I have been pondering the lovely symmetry between our Crown Lynn swans and the era in which they were made... I live in a 1960s house, brick boomerang, the height of magnificence when I was growing up. And in that '60s environment, my swans sit very nicely. It was only when we hit the 1970s and wholeheartedly grasped the brown and orange era with its handmade pottery that swans began to look out of place. But now they're back - timeless elegance prevails. Below is the smallest size.

I found my large white swan in Greymouth for $30 and brought it back to Auckland in my cabin luggage - but that was eight years ago. The classic white swans are slipcast, and come in three sizes. The medium sized version is the most difficult to come by. Almost without exception the number '170' is imprinted on the base. Gone are the days when you could pick one up for a few dollars in a junk shop. The other day I heard that a Wellington enthusiast paid around $350 for a large swan in immaculate condition. And of course the rare black ones are going for crazy prices. As are the earlier trickle glazed versions from the 1950s. Here are some trickle glazed swans - thanks to Heather Thorburn for the photo.

I wonder sometimes why white swans are quite so beloved of Crown Lynn collectors. Yes, they're elegant, and the glaze is soft and luminous and lovely, but swans are far and away not the only beautiful thing that CL produced. Over the next few weeks I will introduce you to my favourites - some collectible, some not.

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  1. It's so excellent to see a photo of Heather's beautiful swans! This is an awesome blog Val.