Monday, August 13, 2012

Yes... another ginger mug

Yesterday Cousin Lesley and Doug came to visit bearing gifts - Tupperware for me and this splendid mug for George.

This is yet another addition to my very extensive 'ginger mug' collection. (Yeah yeah technically it's George's mug but all's fair in love and Crown Lynn). Anyway. This is a very nice example. Most of the ginger (correctly honey glaze) ware was glazed in one colour only; this mug has been dipped in a contrasting colour. I guess you could even call it trickle glaze though not in the same league as the collectible 1940s trickle glaze vases. Honey glaze ware was made in the 1970s in the Titian factory which was owned by Crown Lynn. It used to be common as mud and cheap as chips but like all CL it now has its own legion of collectors and a value. Expect to pay somewhere between $5 and $10 for a mug like this.
CL also made jugs, vases and kitchen containers in the same honey glaze. This interesting - and not especially rare - vase is 30 cm tall. I have also seen this shape in white.

Neither of these bears a 'Crown Lynn' mark.  They both have the four-digit number introduced in 1964 and used until CL closed in 1989.  The cup also has the distinctive 'Made in New Zealand' which appears on so many CL products.  Below is the mug base - which also has an 'X' hand-incised into the base - this means someone wanted to keep track of it through the firing process for some reason.

The base of the vase (below) bears a number only (and an accidental blip of clay that wasn't smoothed off before glaze was applied!)

More soon

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