Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pretty in pastel - Colour Glaze

I have been (finally!) sorting through my Colour Glaze cups and saucers.
(Acknowledging Sean Shadbolt who did the cover photo for my book... I copied his idea for the  above pic.)
Anyway, I was reasonably casual about how I treated my Colour Glaze ware until I saw this plum coloured trio go for $66 on TradeMe.

It did have one of the more unusual marks on the base (Capri British) but even so...  I have resolved to take better care of my stash in future.  As well as being quite collectible, they are seriously pretty. 
You can focus on a single colour:
Or indulge in some gorgeous  mix 'n match:
One of the interesting things about the single colour ware (loosely called colourglaze) is the variety of different backstamps. Here are some from my collection:

Strictly speaking, only those marked with the words 'Colour Glaze' should be called Colour Glaze, but Crown Lynn used lots of different marks for basically the same product so I'm not too fussy about terminology.  Of the marks above, Fiesta is very rare (I have only one example - a rather battered bread and butter plate). Jubilee British (on the right below)  and Capri British (on the left) are also older and therefore more interesting to me. 
One of the most unusual backstamps is on this cup and saucer:
The cup is only 6 cm high, much smaller than the usual Colour Glaze ware. It was distributed by IGA (Independent Grocers Association) stores, probably in the 1960s. This is the mark on the saucer. I have only ever found two.
Colourglaze cups come in three sizes. The medium is by far the most common.
Most cups are marked on the base with the words 'New Zealand', occasionally with 'Made in New Zealand' and often they have no mark at all. Then you have to judge whether they are Crown Lynn by comparing shapes and glazes.
As well as the lovely pastel colours there is rather a lot of sturdy brown, olive green and dark blue ware on the market.  As well as heaps and heaps of white, which also has a following. And there is the occasional extremely rare black cup or saucer which triggers a bidding frenzy on TradeMe. I think I'll stick to my pastels!
All the best, more next weekend.


  1. Hello Valerie
    You will be interested to know I will be selecting three colours from the Colour Glaze palette as the starting point for the painted signage at TE UKU CLAYWORKS museum

  2. Great news Michael - I am so delighted that this new museum is up and running, albeit only open by appointment. Your signage looks great, it's lovely to see those colours.