Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wanted to buy: bold and beautiful

I am in love with Crown Lynn Florence.This design is from the 1980s, not long before Crown Lynn closed. 

 I think this set came with the black cup but I can't be sure. I bought the saucer separately.

Sadly, after all my years of collecting I have acquired only the following meagre selection:  2 dinner plates, 2 desert plates and one saucer. I think that by the time this design was released Crown Lynn was very much out of fashion, so it didn't sell well. If anyone knows where there is more Florence for sale do let me know via comments on this blog and I will buy it!!!! 

Likewise desert plates for Seascape below.

We found a whole four-setting Seascape dinner set in a junk shop in Waimate, but alas no desert plates.  I even have a casserole in this pattern. Huge and clunky but has its own charm.  This is a classic Crown Lynn shape - if you find a casserole like this it is highly likely to be Crown Lynn, whether it is marked as such or not.

Judging by its shape, Seascape ware was probably made slightly earlier than Florence.

Another 80s design that I am very fond of is Nouveau.  It was made in both white on black and black on white. 

This simple speckled pattern has the same flattish plates as Florence, and the same style of backstamp
I have a whole dinner set of this design, but at the moment Magnolia Moon is in the ascendancy and my Nouveau is in a box in the shed. There is a limit to the amount of space in our kitchen cupboards!

Lastly - I have been asked by my friend Joanna to put in a plea for this design she's looking for. If you know where some of this can be found pop onto her lovely blog and let her know via messages   Or leave a message for me and I will pass it on.

More next weekend.
Take care till then


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