Friday, February 8, 2013

Gorgeous little jugs...

Here is a classic little 1950s Crown Lynn jug.
Beautifully decorated in sprayed-on glaze, with a hand applied gold trim. The only thing is, it doesn't have 'Crown Lynn' on the base... this is its backstamp. (Which incidentally I think is one of the cutest Crown Lynn marks).
These two, in the same shape and size, are marked Crown Lynn.
Both have this backstamp:
- and both are decorated with the classic English-made floral transfers which are so often found on 1950s and 1960s Crown Lynn. A Crown Lynn manager once said to me 'Stick a rose on it and it would sell' and he wasn't wrong. The jug on the right has a crack above the rose - sad. 

These jugs are all the same size and they're all shape number 775 - on this next variation, marked 'Bouquet' the imprinted number can just be seen on the base.

So far as I can ascertain 775 was a 1950s shape, and it appears in probably hundreds of different colours and decorative variations. It was often sold as part of a tea set - with matching cups and saucers and sugar bowl. An ex Crown Lynn staff member told me that it was discontinued by the time he started in the early 1960s.

(When I was doing doing this post I couldn't find a sugar bowl - and of course days later I have dug one out of a box. Here it is, along with its Crown Lynn backstamp.These little bowls are often found matching the wee jugs. This bowl has an older backstamp than the Crown Lynn jugs above.)

This is yet another variation on the jugs, in a lovely soft pale yellow:
It is backstamped 'Symphony British - yet another 1950s Crown Lynn brand'. 
And of course I have this lovely one, part of  a tea set hand-decorated by Doris Bird in the 1950s.
It has a Crown Lyn backstamp - an earlier version than the one that appears on the two floral jugs above.
Last, here is a utilitarian single coloured jug, without a mark on the base. I suspect - but have no way of proving - that it was one of the thousands of warehoused unglazed products that were decorated and sold in the seconds shops in the late 1970s and early 1980s. It is quite badly crazed and stained and I should get rid of it but then maybe not.. it looks great lined up with all the others in the same shape.
More next week.
Take care


  1. Thanks. You've just helped me date a wee pink demitasse cup and saucer I thrifted for $2 in Sydney yesterday.

    It has the same logo as your last image except it is dark green and has New Zealand in smaller caps centred underneath Crown Lynn inside the banner.

    I'm @kimbalikes on Instagram and Twitter and FB if you'd care to have a look. :)

    Kia ora!

  2. Thanks Kim-Marie... lovely to get a msg from Sydney... as you know Crown Lynn did export rather a lot to Australia and other places. I will have a look on FB and see if I can see your jug!