Saturday, May 25, 2013

Back again! Take a look at my new shelves

My apologies for the longest ever gap between posts... we moved house, then I got a hideous cold and retired to my bed - and we seem to have been packing and unpacking forever. I swear we will never move again.

But out of this trauma has come the most wonderful thing. For the first time ever, I have space to display some of my collection! I bought these Lundia office shelves online and now they're painted white and bracketed firmly to the wall, and I am slowly slowly filling them.  This is still very much a work in progress, mountains of boxes are still unopened in the garage, but you can see where I am heading.
 (Apologies in advance for substandard pix, I took these in haste just before my camera died. I can't QUITE put my hand on the charger at present!) The display will change and change again as I work out some kind of cohesive 'story' to my collection, but one thing is certain. Centre stage will go the originals, the first things Crown Lynn - then known as Ambrico - made.
Far left is one of the jiggered early mugs, behind it a bowl made for the American Army in the very early 1940s. The others are trickle glazed vases made through the 1940s. They share a shelf with this jug, an early household item in a classic and much-used shape.
Then there are my later jugs... 1950s and perhaps into the early 1960s.
And this striking jug with the rare Rigo Giftime backstamp. Like most of this pattern it is much the worse for wear, the black glaze flakes off. I am pondering the ethics of filling in the flaky bits with new paint. I know that one is NOT supposed to do that, but I feel that as long as I don't try to sell it, then it's ok to re-create how it originally looked. I'll ponder that - not doing anything hasty.
I'm working on a hotel ware section. These are the smallest jugs, given to me by George's brother who worked at Crown Lynn for a while. He recalls that this pattern has some nautical connection - perhaps it was used by a yacht club or on a ferry service.. does anyone remember?
Then here are some of my Cook & Serve coffee cans. There are more - still in a box! I also have black saucers which I have yet to find.
And lastly, I am so very happy this wee mug survived the move unscathed. It's my all-time favourite pukeko pattern, the only one I have ever bought and probably the only one I will ever own. They are like hen's teeth.
There will be more once I find my charger!
All the best till then