Friday, July 5, 2013

Next!!! Crown Lynn events coming up!

We had a very happy and buzzy book launch on Tuesday, with an amazing mix - people who worked at Crown Lynn, dealers, collectors old and new, and researchers... plus a few heroic friends who braved the Crown Lynn frenzy to support me and George. (added later... and the potters.. how could I have missed you out when I first wrote this!) Here I am (left) with Carole from the Women's Bookshop:
And here is a general pic of the gathering.

Thanks again to the Women's Bookshop who hosted the event, and to Penguin who also contributed substantially. (photos courtesy of the bookshop). And a heartfelt thank you to all who came to the launch on a chilly workday night. I was so very happy to see you all.

But wait.. there's more! 

On  Sunday 21 July and again on Sunday 4 August, I will have a display of Crown Lynn at the Auckland Art Gallery, and on Sunday 11 August Billy Apple will be at the gallery with some of his amazing collection of Dorothy Thorpe ball handled Crown Lynn.

These will be informal events, with ample time to look at the exhibits and to question and comment, and to listen to us tell the stories around our particular obsessions.  My display will be a general collection of Crown Lynn with emphasis on the simple clean designs such as hotel jugs, the McAlpine jug, colourglaze, Shufflebotham, etc etc. It won't be a huge display, but it should be interesting. Billy of course has probably the largest collection of Dorothy Thorpe in NZ.

Our talks are built around an exhibition at the Art Gallery called California Design 1930-1965, living in a modern way. This exhibition features amazing modernist furniture, ceramics, even clothing and posters. 

And alongside it, a huge range of NZ collectors and researchers have been asked to display and talk about their particular fields.  Just scroll down this page to see the 'design encounters' on offer... including talks on Barbie Dolls, modernist architecture,  surfboards, furniture, fashion.... you name it!

As well as wonderful Crown Lynn. So here are these dates again:

Val Monk (general Crown Lynn) - Sunday 21 July and Sunday 4 August, 12 noon to 2 pm 
Billy Apple (Dorothy Thorpe) - Sunday 11 August, 12 noon to 2 pm

IMPORTANT when I first posted this blog I got the timing wrong for the times that we would be speaking about our displays. My apologies, please note the correct times in red.

Listen to my radio interview

And one last thing.... a few days ago I had a half-hour interview with Kathryn Ryan on Nine to Noon on National Radio . If you click on the link, you will go through to the page which features my gallery of images - then click on Nine to Noon, which will flick you through to another page, then scroll down and you will see the link to the interview. Any problems, let me know and I can pop it through to you on email.

AND the last piece of good news.. I have found my camera charger! So my next post will have new images to enjoy.

Take care till then.

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  1. Congrats, can't wait to get my hands on that book x