Monday, February 3, 2014

Opshop bliss...

I have to tell you this amazing story. For years I have wanted a cigar jar, but they were always a bit too expensive for me to take the plunge. THEN just before Christmas I was in the Salvation Army shop in Whangarei, just drifting along the shelves as you do, when one was suddenly plonked down  right under my nose. The guy out the back was doing his morning distribution. I just about stopped breathing. And grabbed it quick fast before anyone else beat me to it.  This is what it looks like:
 Just so serenely beautiful. This was one of the first things that Ambrico/Crown Lynn made that's really stylish - up till then they had been battling to get shapes and glazes consistent and under control.  The backstamp is early - the star and tiki. There is a tiny crack on the lid but who would know?
It's not often that you find yourself absolutely right place right time, but this time I was.  And the next day my friends got  not one but two Last Wave treasures from the same shop - a teapot and a coffee pot. This is a Last Wave plate, designed in the 1980s by Juliette Hawkins.  They are not easy to find. And tea/coffee pots in this pattern are like hen's teeth!
Here's a link to pics of the tea and coffee pots and other Last Wave delights on the NZ Pottery website.
It is true that most charity shops are getting a real thrashing from collectors these days, but it's still possible to pick up treasures if you hit the right spot at the right time.  I have noticed recently that some shops are really bumping up their prices, which is fair enough for quality items - but  I don't like to see unrealistically high prices on battered and worn Crown Lynn. It does put people off.
Anyway. That's my little whinge for today. Most of my treasures have come from op shops, though I do buy on TradeMe if I find something I really need to have.  This lovely little dish, quite unusual, was at our local market at Onerahi. I didn't buy it and regret that now... how many times have we thought ah... I don't really need that - then been sorry later.
Oh dear.  This is turning into a rather random post but my mind is on summer pursuits - there are snapper in the harbour and delicious sun-warmed tomatoes in the garden. Anyway, here is another opshop treasure. I got the cup years ago, and the saucer recently and yay they match.
And one last random opshop find. This plate, in the Elegance pattern, is the only one I have ever found.
Now I'm going... enough aimless meanderings!  There's tomato relish to make.  I hope you are enjoying our lovely long hot summer.
Take care

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