Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What I did in the holidays!

It's been a long time since I last posted on this site - you will be forgiven if you have totally lost interest, but I do have an excuse of sorts.  The biggest event of the summer was our wedding! Yes, George and I got married after 13 years together. Here we are signing the register.  (Papers held down with dive weights.) Photos thanks to our friend Douglas Madgwick.

Our wedding was at home in Whangarei; it was a lovely day and all went well. Afterwards friends and family gathered under our home-made awnings (adapted from old advertising banners) in the garden. 
And guess what the tables were set with.  My favourite Crown Lynn patterns:  I don't have complete dinner sets in all these, but we did have enough plates for 50 plus guests. 

 Here's cheery Topaz.
Beautiful Egmont.
The ubiquitous Echo. I have a very large set but sadly George doesn't like this pattern. So in the shed it remains.
My lovely lovely Nirvana.
And - of course - Autumn Splendour, which will go to my daughter once her children get old enough not to drop plates on the floor.
My friend Lois made us a lovely floral arrangement in her Temuka vase, and of course my precious Kelvinator jug did duty as a water carafe.  Out came my hollow-stemmed champagne glasses. (And no the table wasn't at an angle... blame the photographer!)
We found some quirky opshop salt and peppers and used my collection of NZ commercial ceramic water jugs and that was the table decorations taken care of.  Simple!

More soon - I have some serious stuff to write about Crown Lynn now I have at last got my feet back under the desk.

Take care
Val Monk Irwin.