Wednesday, July 31, 2013

MORE opshop treasures

I know I shouldn't .... but sometimes you see things you MUST have... eg this lovely vase which I found in Paeroa.
It was $35 and would have been far more costly in white, but I am happy with classic honey glaze. It's not a shape you see that often. Number 2095. It is 18 cm tall.
And then... went to the local junk shop and there was a shell which I was pretty certain was Crown Lynn.. only $15 so worth the gamble. And it is, shape number 630 (Thanks NZ Pottery Forum!)
This version is a bit garish for my taste; there's a gorgeous white one on TradeMe at present which is attracting a lot of interest - and no wonder.  NOTE I have since discovered that Studio Ceramics made white shells in this shape, which were unmarked. I am not sure if Crown Lynn also made shells in white - I  have seen them with this pink and grey effect and also in green and grey. My Crown Lynn shell (above) is unmarked. 
And then... at the Waihi charity shop there was a Crown Lynn condiment set; not easy to find. One piece (a toothpick holder?) is missing, but the rest of it was in such excellent condition I couldn't leave it behind.
Just look at these gorgeous perky little hand painted salt and peppers.
There is no number on the base of this set, but the shape guide says it's number 420 and the salt and peppers are shape 422.  The plate is 15 cm wide. It's part of the Crown Lynn 'Fancy Fayre' range from the 1950s:
Next stop was Andrea's China in Te Puke. This shop has a vast array of all sorts of china, it's a bit dusty and tired at present but absolutely still worth a stop. I found a saucer to match a floral cup I found years ago - the combination is quite busy, in a way I preferred it on a plain white saucer, but still it's great to have the real thing.
The cup has the standard Made in New Zealand mark, and the saucer is Genuine Ironstone.

And this is another groovy cup and saucer - not often seen. The cup has 'New Zealand' on the base, the saucer is Cook & Serve.
I also bought a Narvik jug, 10 cm tall and pristine.  This was one of the design award patterns, not easy to find any more. 
I love the Scandinavian effect - just look at this detail.  Tom Clark told me once that he was very keen on Scandinavian design, and even did a trip over to look at the work their potteries were turning out.
Also on my travels I couldn't resist this Air NZ dish. It's a backstamp I haven't had until now, and the dish is a very pretty turquoise shade - not the same as colourglaze, nor the other Air NZ ware. It's 10.5 cm wide, 4.5 high.

Enough!  This is our bus at the Miranda shellbank, almost deserted in midwinter, with gorgeous hot pools just up the road. George says that given my tendency to accumulate, we should have a truck not a bus, and sometimes I think he has a point.
More next week.


  1. What exciting finds!!! The little pot that is missing from the condiment set is a mustard pot. I've never been able to read the pattern number on the Air NZ sugar bowl .... can you?
    The coffee cans are copies of the Rorstrand ones which we are finding out about thanks to Jeremy

    1. What a lovely treasure trove I discovered on that link. Thanks so much, Jeremy - and Ev for pointing it out to me. There are some coffee cans I have never seen. Exciting!

    2. Best guess, the Air NZ pattern number is 673 or 671. The first two digits are very clear, the last is not!

  2. Val, you wrote
    "And this is another groovy cup and saucer - not often seen. The cup has 'New Zealand' on the base, the saucer is Cook & Serve."
    The cup fits the Cook & Serve saucer, but is slightly bigger (3mm wider, 3mm higher) than the C&S cups, so it would display better on a Colour Glaze (green or brown) Kelston Potteries saucer of the type for coffee cans (5mm wider at the outside).

    1. Thanks... you're right. I did wonder about the fit when I bought it but was happy to get a mustard cook n serve saucer at any rate. I will try to find a coffee can saucer that suits - do you have any ideas what colour it would have been?

  3. Now you're just showing off your superior hunting skills. Not a happy amateur at all are you? Deserted winter beach looks most appealing too. xx

  4. Hi Val,
    I love the honeyglaze vase - haven't seen that shape before.
    Re the Rorstrand, I have a C&S baking dish with CL markings but copying the Rorstrand Tango pattern, and also a CL pepper shaker with the same Rorstrand Tango pattern. I'll send you photos.

  5. Thanks Andrew, I remember seeing these when I visited your place.. I took some pix but wasn't esp happy with them. If you are able to email me more, that would be lovely. It is a very cool pattern and not common.

  6. Hi there i am wondering if you have seen any crown lynn jewellery. I have a silver cats eye bracelet that someone told me maybe crownlynn.

    1. Yes there was Crown Lynn jewellery made around the mid-1940s. Ambrico/Crown Lynn supplied dry pressed porcelain cabouchons which were set in silver by an Auckland jeweller. See the link below, also page 33-34 of my book "Crown Lynn a New Zealand Icon". Do send me another message if you believe your jewellery is CL, it is quite difficult to find. A friend has also found earrings in a similar style.